Workshop Organizers

Workshop Organizers

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Co-Primary Workshop Organiz ers
Effie Lai-Chong (University of Leicester) and Xiangshi Ren (Kochi University of Technology)


Effie Lai-Chong Law is Reader at University of Leicester. Her research focuses are usability and UX methodologies and their applications in various contexts, especially education. Effie has chaired large-scale HCI projects and co-organized several CHI workshops.

Chaklam Silpasuwanchai is PhD. Student at Kochi University of Technology, Japan.  His research interest lies in human engagement and game design.

Xiangshi Ren is Professor and Director of the Center for HCI at Kochi University of Technology.  He is founding president of the International Chinese Association of Computer Human Interaction (ICACHI).  His research interests include the creation of human performance models and UI design.

Jeffrey Bardzell is an Associate Professor of HCI Design and New Media and co-directs the Cultural Research in Technology at Indiana University – Bloomington. Having done his doctoral work in Comparative Literature and Philosophy, Bardzell brings a humanist perspective to HCI and is known for developing a theory of interaction criticism. 

Torkil Clemmensen is Professor mso at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He has published on usability and user experience seen from cross cultural and cultural perspectives in HCI and Information Systems journals and conferences.

Yan Liu is associate Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has been principle investigator for over ten projects to discover the secrets of human brain and investigate novel computational models and systems by referencing brain structure and mind process.